[USE CASE] Facilitate Transparency with Atlassian

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The Use Case

Facilitating transparency inside  DHI Group a digital media company that operates the Dice.com careers website for technology professionals as well as several other jobs sites around the world.


DHI has been rapidly growing in part through acquisitions so there was a need to standardize internal processes on fewer platforms to improve team collaborationand at the same time reduce software license costs.



DHI is gradually moving the entire company to Atlassian suite (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence) as its single work platform.

This helps DHI save considerable amount of money given Sharepoint’s license feesand it provides an easy-to-use platform where employees can collaborate on documents transparently.


Moving from Sharepoint to Confluenceand from ServiceNow to Jira Service Deskallowed DHI to save huge licensing feesbut more importantly it created a culture of broad-mindedness.

Having stronger teams and being more collaborative with different groups helps us drive new product ideas much more quickly to market  Atlassian helps us to do that,” says Brian HostetterDHI’s director of architecture.

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source: Atlassian


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