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[CERTIFICATION] How to easily pass ACP-120 at first attempt

10 Tips to pass the ACP-120 (and the ACP-620) at first attempt Are you thinking about taking the Atlassian ACP-120 certification to become a recognized Jira Cloud Admin ? Until few weeks ago my plan was to take the ACP-100 exam to showcase my admin skills, but for different (not always valid) reasons I couldn’t…
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jira issue due

[TIP] Create smart notifications for Jira Issue due

You are overwhelmed by work and you tend to miss some deadlines. You hate to be the Ugly Duckling in your department. Well nobody likes it, I can confirm.

In Jira it is pretty simple to get notification / reminders sent to your email so you can’t miss deadlines anymore !

Change transitions order in Jira

[SECRET] 3 Easy Steps To Change Transitions Order in JIRA

Facts : I can’t change transitions order in JIRA ? How many times you have been asked by Jira users : I want to cancel this ticket but I can’t find the option to do it can you do it for me ? Most of the time it is just because they don’t know the…
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[USE CASE] Facilitate Transparency with Atlassian

Moving from Sharepoint to Confluence, and from ServiceNow to Jira Service Desk, allowed DHI to save huge licensing fees, but more importantly it created a culture of broad-mindedness.