[SECRET] 3 Easy Steps To Change Transitions Order in JIRA

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Change transitions order in Jira

Facts : I can’t change transitions order in JIRA ?

How many times you have been asked by Jira users : I want to cancel this ticket but I can’t find the option to do it can you do it for me ? Most of the time it is just because they don’t know the action is hidden behind the “Workflow” button next to the 2 appearing transitions options

However, did you know you could rearrange the order of the transitions showing and select the 2 most clicked on to appear, and leave the others behind the “Workflow” button ?

Well yes it is possible, go tell your Jira Admin right now !


Here below in the example we want to have the transition option #4 Reopen to show as the second option

Example of transition orders

Step 1 : Analyse

To do so we will go under the Text version of the workflow in the project settings and check the transitions ID for this particular status

Example of transition order for a status in Jira

Step 2 : Make the Change

The transition id # defines the order of appearance of the transitions. It’s automatically generated. We need to add some property to change the transition order in Jira. For this we will use the property opsbar-sequence and give each transition an integer number. Best practice would be to start from 10, 20, 30 and so forth

Click on each transition and on the next screen click on view properties

Click on properties

add the needed property and the order number

Add property and value

Repeat for each transition in this particular status.

Step 3 : Save

Don’t forget to save the workflow or you won’t see any changes !




Now you can see the second transition is Reopen exactly like we wanted

change transition order in jira

The change on this particular status won’t change transitions order in Jira on other statuses.

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