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Jira NexGen Migration

[TIP] Complete guide How to migrate a Jira NextGen project to Classic

Jira NextGen migration How to migrate a Project from Next Gen to Classic in Jira Situation might occur where you need to consider a Jira NextGen migration to classic project (Example: migrating from cloud to server or the plugin you use doesn’t support NextGen). Unfortunately the move is not straightforward and you might end up…
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[CERTIFICATION] How to easily pass ACP-120 at first attempt

10 Tips to pass the ACP-120 (and the ACP-620) at first attempt Are you thinking about taking the Atlassian ACP-120 certification to become a recognized Jira Cloud Admin ? Until few weeks ago my plan was to take the ACP-100 exam to showcase my admin skills, but for different (not always valid) reasons I couldn’t…
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[TIP] How to make the assignee field required ?

You have just received a Service Request from one of the Jira project lead asking you to adopt the workflow to make the assignee field required. He is telling you the ticket are not moving and so is the project simply because the ticket are not assigned.

Create A Jira Cloud Project With Sample Data

How To Quickly Create A Jira Cloud Project With Sample Data In Less Than 5 Min

You are enjoying the free version of Jira Cloud and you are wondering how to get your hands on this fantastic software without having to start from scratch.