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Problem: I want to get a notification 48h before the Jira issue due date

You are overwhelmed by work and you tend to miss some deadlines. You hate to be the Ugly Duckling in your department. Well nobody likes it, I can confirm.

In Jira it is pretty simple to get notification / reminders sent to your email so you can’t miss deadlines anymore !


Create a filter and subscribe to it

Step 1 : Create the filter

Write a JQL query that will look for all the issues in a specific project assigned to the current user, and put the JQL function endOfDay(). In our scenario we entered 2 for a search for issues due in 2 days.

project= “name of the project” and assignee = currentUser() and duedate = endOfDay(2) AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY due DESC, key DESC

Step 2 : Save the filter


Once you run the query to verify its integrity, save it by giving a name easy to remember

48h Due Date Alert


Step 3 : Subscribe to the filter to get the notifications

Click on details next to the filter’s name and then click on New subscription

Subscribe to filter


Step 4 : Set the frequency


In order to be notified 2 days before Jira issue due date, you will need to set the frequency of the notification to at least “Once per day” and set the hours of the day you’d like to receive it. We advise putting some time before the start of your shift.

PS: If you setting this up for someone else of course don’t forget to adjust the recipient (provided they have access to this filter)
Notification Frequency


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